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“The Spinal Decompression Therapy is truly a lifestyle saver if not a life saver. When you get back the gift of free movement after losing it and you become pain free, it is like being reborn. All things are again possible. A walk in the park, a climb in the mountain, a good bicycle ride! Your life has been given back to you. Thank ”
Peter T. ( Victoria, B.C.)

I was extremely concerned about my condition. After having two previous spinal surgeries, and the prospect of possibly having to have a third one. My back pain was extreme and my right leg was numb. My relief was immediate after my first treatment and there was substantial improvement after the first two weeks. I now feel as close to 100% perfect as possible. The best I have felt in 10 years. Thank you for your patience, caring and understanding during my five weeks of treatment. You were always positive and pleasant to deal with.
Peter Z. (West Vancouver, B.C.)

“I recommend this therapy because it works. I am mobile and productive again in my life. I found out about this program by stumbling onto your website. All doctors and specialist I had seen were referring me to surgery. Why did nobody tell me about your program? Even when I asked my doctor about it, he could not give me any recommendations as he did not know much about it. This program needs to be more widely recognized as an option to surgery. After seven months of intense daily pain, I am now pain free again and I have a normal life back again. Thank you
Glen C.(Vancouver, B.C.)

“I previously had disc surgery in my lower back ; but a year later, I was diagnosed again with a disc herniation at the same level. I looked for an alternative treatment this time around. The DRX was instrumental in providing me relief. From the very first session, the numbness in my left toes were gone and I stopped my pain medication from the very first session. I would recommend this treatment program to anyone with the same condition.”
Bill O. (North Vancouver, B.C.)

“I most certainly recommend this program, I was skeptical at first; having tried all other forms of therapies and didn’t think there was anything else that would be successful in removing my pain. I was shocked to find relief after only two treatments. I am only 38 and I thought my life would be that of a 50-60 year old as far as being active. I feel as though I could climb a mountain now. I believe I got more out of the treatment than I expected and I am grateful for the improvement.”
Mike A. (Campbell River, B.C.)

“ I have had back surgery seven years ago and have also had acupuncture and many medications over the years. This treatment is better than others, I have no back pain in my lower back anymore and I am able to take daily walks again. I found you on the internet and will certainly recommend you to others. You and your staff are great and caring.”
Alice. B. ( South Surrey, B.C.)

“I had been in severe pain for close to 3 weeks before I came to this clinic. Nothing worked to relieve the pain. I was walking with a walker or simply staying in bed. Quality of my life was a zero. With just two treatments, I saw immediate relief of pain and was able to sleep for the first time in 3 weeks. After 6 weeks of program, I am very close to being back to normal. Being pain free is excellent. Thank you to you and your staff for your compassion and care.”
Edward L. (Surrey, B.C.)

“When I started the spinal decompression program, I was in a lot of pain and problems moving around normally. Only after six treatments, I already felt a big difference. I could sit down and walk with very little pain. Approximately after having half of the program done, I was completely pain free. I felt like a miracle happened in such a short time. I highly recommend for people having pain like I had to take the non-surgical decompression program. Thank you”
Hans H. (North Vancouver)

“ I was suffering from severe lower back pain and I thought I will be in that situation all my life. When I came to this Clinic, I found hope and true enough after my second treatment, I felt big improvement and pain became less and less. I stopped taking any medication-it was all the spinal decompression therapy and exercise that helped me in my recovery. After six weeks, I have gone back to work and I am living a pain free life. The way the staff here treat their patients is very important; they are very considerate. I owe them my fast recovery and I will be very happy to refer other people to this clinic.”
Louie O. (Vancouver, B.C.)

“I have experienced wonderful relief from my left sciatic pain and significant pain relief in my lower back. Thanks to the spinal decompression therapy, I am able to sleep most of the night with very little pain. “I had tried every type of treatment available except surgery before this treatment and the spinal decompression therapy has proven to be remarkable for me. I found the staff very professional and compassionate. Thank you so much!”
Doug H. (Surrey, B.C.)

“My favorite aspect of the treatment was lying down on the table; it felt great, zero discomfort and the pain was immediately gone. I recommend the Spinal decompression therapy to anyone with similar Problems. I used to have pain down into my left leg but now it is only in my bum. If it is not even fully successful for someone, it is still a better choice over surgery. Do it with the hope of success.”
Les E. (North Vancouver, B.C.)

“I feel the treatment has been a success for me. It has given me back most of my life. People at work have seen a huge difference in my attitude because I am no longer have constant pain and I am not taking any pain medication. It has also given me a better outlook on life. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with similar condition. Thank you”
Claudia W. (Surrey, B.C.)

“I can walk again and get out of bed without pain down my leg. I don’t use pain killers anymore. I can sit at the dinner table with my family instead of lying down all the time. Overall, I feel a lot happier and I recommend this therapy as it helped me a lot. Thank you! You have all been incredible.”
Rhonda J. (Abbotsford, B.C.)

“This has been an uplifting experience for me. This December has been the first in several that I could walk and go Christmas shopping without pain. I have not been able to enjoy vacation for years because of my back. I do not have the pain down my leg anymore which was caused by a bulged disc. I now can put my own socks on in the morning. I am now looking forward to my holidays. You and your staff are wonderful; you make us feel comfortable at home like family and you are the best. Thank you”
Gerald D. (Kamloops, B.C.)

“I recommend this program to others with similar conditions because it works. I no longer have any pain and it is nice to realize that there is something that works. The one big benefit I have experienced is knowing I can get back to what I used to do before my back problem. It has also given me the chance to change the way I look after myself and focus on having a strong back and core strength. I also like to add that the people at the Vancouver Spinal Decompression Centre have all been very helpful and pleasant throughout the whole procedure.”
Andrew C. (Richmond, B.C.)

“ For a number of years, I went for acupuncture to alleviate my sciatica. A CT scan showed a herniated disc in my back, my family doctor said an operation was not an option because of my age which is 88. I read about the spinal decompression therapy in the paper and after taking the treatments, I am very happy with the results. I am able to walk without a cane and my pain is almost gone.”

Norman A. (Aldergroove,B.C.)

“Before I attended this office, I was told by a physician that surgery was my only option to get rid of my sciatica. After several sessions, my condition got a lot better and I realized I could stop taking the pain killers not just for the term of the program but for the rest of my life. I thank you and your professional personnel for making this treatment not just a successful one but also a pleasant one.”
Alex O. (Kelowna, B.C.)

“I would absolutely recommend this treatment to others, I think it would more beneficial if you get the treatment right after the injury as mine was in 1992. I have improvement in my range of motion and have noticed less numbness in my right leg and foot. I also have noticed that my lower back does not lock up as frequently as before.”
Al M. (Victoria, B.C.)

“I have gone from almost immobile and in constant pain to totally mobile and pain to a much lesser level. I am able to function on a daily basis with care. I am able to walk without a limp now. I believe in anything that is non-invasive and supports the body in its endeavor to get better. With time and care, I feel my healing will continue.”
Darcy F. (Nanaimo, B.C.)

“I entered the Spinal Decompression Program to treat a bulging disc that had been causing severe pain. I had tried other treatments like physiotherapy and chiropractic with little success. Within a few sessions with Spinal Decompression Therapy, my pain rapidly diminished until it was gone.
The staffs are very knowledgeable, friendly and informative. I have already recommended this option to others.”
Derek N. ( Vancouver, B.C.)

“I am very thankful that I decided to go ahead with the spinal decompression therapy because it got rid of 90% of my pain from the spinal stenosis I had. So if you have a disc problem, why not try this therapy.”
Elspeth W. ( Halfmoon Bay, B.C.)

“The spinal decompression therapy has made my life livable and enjoyable again.” I practically have no more pain and I have resumed my normal life again. I am quite happy!”
Martin R. (Roberts Creek, B.C.)

“I have made more progress in 6 weeks than in the past 9 months. It is very depressing to have ongoing severe pain. Anyone I speak to who has a disc problem, I tell them to try this treatment!”
Robert W. (Vancouver, B.C.)

“When I first came in here, I could barely walk, couldn’t sleep and I was in constant pain. Over the course of the Spinal Decompression Program, I became stronger, lost almost all the pain, and started doing normal daily activities pain free. I can now play with my daughter, travel and enjoy life again. I have already recommended this therapy to others and surgery should be the last resort.”
Scott S. (North Vancouver, B.C.)

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